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Fleet of buses for comfort and safety of the children. Transport is available through a fleet of buses with Caretakers and with Mobile Phones for care, to cater the comfort and safety for both teachers and students by experienced and responsible drivers. 


School Transport Rules:


1. Parents are requested to see that the children are escorted to and from the bus.

2. Children/escorts should be at the bus stop ten minutes before the expected arrival of the bus.

3. The children should stay away from the main road untill the bus arrives.

4. Students should come near the entry door of the bus only when it has made a complete stop.

5. The front door of the bus is the only authorized entrance and exit.

6. The drivers are authorized to stop the bus at the designated stop only unless otherwise directed by the school authorities. The list of stop is prepared keeping in view the convenience and safety of all bus users. 

7. Parents may travel by the school bus only under exceptional circumstances with prior permission from the school authorities.

8. Unauthorized persons are not allowed to travel by the school buses.


Note : No admission will be deemed to be complete and valid till the above mentioned documents are submitted.

Computer Lab

Online and satellite transmission have definitely brought a revolution in the education sector as well. This has not just bridged the gap but has widened the scope beyond geographic and demographic barrier. Our students gain first hand experience and gather information regarding laws of physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Computer, Fashion Studies, Mathematics and more.

Multimedia Theater

Multimedia Theater equipped with hi-tech adiovisual system like multimedia projector, PC, DVD Player, Mikes and Speakers.



Here students are encouraged to explore the world around them. A high-tech library and information hub with books, videos, and CDs on a diverse range of subjects. The whole idea here being to make learning an interesting, enriching and complete experience for students.



Digital Class

The integrated structure of Learning Systems forms a comprehensive package of educational solutions. Each individual component acts as a pedagogical aid ensuring an effective and result oriented learning process. Its model itself forms a platform for new age learning, transforming the conventional teaching and learning methodologies into a whole new highly interactive and engaging experience.



Medical Facility

Health and Welfare of the students come first and it is our prime concern that your ward is well cared in the most scientific and holistic way. Student’s health is regularly monitored by the team of our Doctors, Dr. R.S Bhadona (Child Specialist) & Dr. Mukta Bhadoria (Consultant Dentist) in our School.



Cultural Activities, Sports, Picnics & Educational Tours.

The Cultural Activities at MPS are considered to be an effective means of educational training and learning. The school wishes the students and teachers to be earnest about these activities as we feel that apart from scholastic efficiency the proper development of the personality and the attitudes are equally essential. To achieve the objectives of health, hope and harmony, the school proposes to offer comprehensive package of creative and cultural activities. The school is committed to reflect new educational perspective and initiative.



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