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Students should attend the school in proper uniform as under. This will help in maintaining discipline. and uniformity in school.


Summer: Maroon Line Shirt, Black Pant,White Socks, Black Shoes, School Belt.

Winter: Maroon Line Shirt, Woollen Grey Pant.White Socks, Black Shoes,School Belt Maroon Coat.


Summer: White Shirt, White Skirt, White Socks, School Tie-belt,White Ribbon, (Class 9 to 12th) Salwar Suite.

Winter: White Shirt, White Skirt, White Socks, School Tie-belt, White Ribbon, Maroon Coat (Class 9 to 12th) Salwar Suite.


Summer: Maroon Line Shirt Black Pant. White Socks, Black Shos, Maroon Sweater! Coat

Winter: Winter Shirt, Wooln Grey pant, White Socks, Black shoes, Maroon Sweater/ Coat.


1. Parents are expected to make sure that their wards are in proper uniform.

2. The school belt and I-card are to be worn every day.

3. It is mandatory to wear prescribed black shoes. (no other shoes allowed)

4. It is compulsory for the boys to wear white vests and the girls to wear white slips and white tights in summer.

5. It is mandatory to attach name labels to all items of uniform such as caps, blazers etc. to prevent loss.

6. If the student is not in proper uniform or if hair is not cut short, parents will be asked to come to school and take the child home.

7. Students are not permitted to wear fancy colourful earrings, friendship bands etc. colour their hair, paint nails to school, or sport a fancy hair style.

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